eSpring Water Treatment System: Smart technology

Clean water is a gift. Many take it for granted. But for millions around the world, including in the United States, available water contains contaminants that can make it either unsafe or unpleasant to use.

As a result, many homeowners and renters seek quality bottled water or filtration systems — like Amway’s eSpring system — to use at home.

Choice of millions

Recently, Amway’s eSpring was confirmed as the world’s largest-selling brand of home water treatment systems*.  In fact, throughout its more than 30-year water purification history, Amway has sold more than 7.2 million home water treatment systems worldwide.

Why? Because the innovative technology behind eSpring achieves clear, documented results. So consumers know they can trust its ability to consistently deliver cleaner, safer water for their families. Here are some highlights:

Wireless technology


The eSpring system uses inductive coupling and smart chip technology that were pioneered by, and are still exclusive to eSpring. This technology sends electricity through air, water and plastic components — without electrical connections — to power the unit’s UV lamp. And intelligent, wireless power makes performance highly efficient and reliable.


Smart chip technology

Did you know your eSpring system has a brain? We call it smart chip technology. It monitors the use of your filter and lets you know exactly when you need to replace it – after one year or about 5,000 liters. The actual filter life depends on the water quality and how much it’s used, but 5,000 liters is the equivalent of about 10,000 bottles of water.


Advanced carbon block filter

One of the key components of the eSpring water treatment system is the U.S. patented carbon block filter. While it effectively removes more than 140 contaminants that could potentially affect your health, including lead, mercury, disinfectant byproducts and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it leaves behind beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium.

In fact, NSF International  certified that eSpring effectively removes more individual contaminants than any other carbon filtration and ultraviolet (UV) light treatment point-of-use system reviewed by their organization.


Ultraviolet light technology

The ultraviolet light in the eSpring water treatment system sets it apart from competitors, destroying waterborne pathogens without chemicals. Couple that with the U.S. patented carbon block filter and you have a powerful purification team!

Prior to launching the eSpring brand, Amway water treatment systems were the first home water filtration systems to use this design of a carbon block filter combined with a UV light with electronic monitoring.

The UV lamp  effectively destroys more than 99.99 percent of waterborne, disease-causing bacteria and viruses that carbon filters alone can’t get.


Peace of mind

Clean water is life-giving. And eSpring technology gives owners the peace of mind that comes only from knowing that they’re contributing to their family’s overall health with every drop. To learn more about eSpring, visit the website for Amway US or Amway Canada.

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  • Moses says:

    I have used the spring water purifier for more than 10 years. It’s more than paid for itself and I believe our good health is due to the Filtration the Estring provides.

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