Earth Day your way: How to get your kids excited about cleaning

A man teaches his daughter how to clean the coffee table using products from Amway Home that have the Safer Choice label.

The struggle is real when it comes to successfully teaching kids how to do laundry and clean around the house.

They whine, they procrastinate, they squabble, and if they do get around to it, the quality of their work is usually subpar. But that’s the story of parenting, right? Of course it will be less frustrating, faster and done better if you do it. But what do your kids get out of that?

In the long run it’s worth the effort to teach them how and require them to do it regularly. Practice makes perfect!

Make them an Earth Warrior

Since April is Earth Month, we have an idea that might make your little ones a bit more willing to do their part: Appeal to the higher calling of protecting the earth from scary cleaners by making them honorary Guardians of the Earth or Earth Warriors. (Maybe even get them a cleaning cape.)

Many household cleaners do their jobs well, but some also harm the environment in the process. You don’t have to choose one or the other. Cleaning products exist that perform just as well while being safer for the environment.

By choosing wisely, every load of laundry, scrubbed tub or cleaned table is a nod to keeping the earth healthy.

How do you know your products are safer? Look for the Safer Choice label.

The EPA's Safer Choice logo. It appears on cleaning products, like Amway Home, that are safer for the environment.

Safer Choice

Whether it’s on laundry detergent, dish soap or a multi-purpose cleaner, the Safer Choice label is your green light to buy and use that product worry-free.

This U.S. Environmental Protection Agency designation means the products have met stringent government guidelines for safety. Safer Choice is also supported by ISSA, the cleaning industry’s worldwide trade group.

If it has the Safer Choice label, it means the EPA has tested to it to ensure it performs just as well or better than conventional products. The agency also reviewed each ingredient and checked the pH levels to make sure it’s safer for you, your children, your pets and the environment.

Teach your children well

When you break out your cleaners and deliver your chore list, ask your kids to find the Safer Choice label on each item.

As you teach them how to use the washing machine, explain how the detergent is safer for the earth’s waterways because it is free of phosphates and chlorine. (Bonus points if you can teach them how to match up the socks.)

When you get out the step stool and put them to work washing dishes, remind them that the Safer Choice label means it’s safer for the environment, but also safer for them, their siblings and their pets. (Bubble fight, anyone?)

A woman teaches her daughter how to do laundry with Amway Home products that have the Safer Choice label.

Choose your products wisely

Amway has a long history of being committed to creating safer, sustainable products. While the company has been working with the EPA on Safer Choice and other product labeling for a decade, its environmental roots stretch back to its creation in 1959.

The first product sold by Amway was Liquid Organic Cleaner, or L.O.C., the first biodegradable cleaning product of its kind, long before being earth-friendly was a social catchphrase.

Now more than 40 of Amway’s cleaning and laundry products come with the assurance of the Safer Choice label, including Amway Home™ SA8™ Liquid Laundry Detergent, Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Amway Home™ Dish Drops™ Dishwashing Liquid.

To learn more about those and other Safer Choice products sold by Amway, visit the website for Amway US or Amway Canada.

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