Confidence is beautiful: 4 tips for boosting confidence

Rick DiCecca, creative director of makeup design for the Artistry beauty brand, applies makeup to a smiling, confident model.

It’s been said many times: Confidence is one of the best beauty secrets.

Makeup artist Rick DiCecca has said there’s nothing more attractive on a woman than confidence.

“The underlying thread of each woman’s beauty, no matter who she is, where she is from, or what she is facing, is confidence,” he said. “If you’re able to do magic to your eyes, cheeks, lips—and to look in the mirror and like what you see—then you gain confidence. And confidence is beauty.”

But Rick takes it a step further.

“I think of confidence as a life secret not just a beauty secret,” said Rick, creative director of makeup design for the Artistry™ beauty brand. “Confidence makes you feel like a superhero!

“Think of the many times you’ve had a terrific day. How were you feeling about yourself? If you like what you see in the mirror—like on a really great hair day—you have a better day, and people treat you better.”

But not everyone feels confident all the time. Sometimes we need a little boost to start feeling at the top of our game. Here are Rick’s top tips for getting your confidence back.

A woman with a ponytail wears an Artistry Signature Select Mask while holding a cup of coffee or tea. Making time for yourself is good for building confidence.

Make time for yourself

Some people might feel guilty about carving out some “me time,” but it’s a critical part of self-care and your overall wellbeing.

“Take time for yourself, even if it’s 30 minutes in the morning with your coffee, before the family gets up,” Rick said. “Or take time at the end of a long day to settle down with a mask on and relax.”

Even 15 minutes of dedicated downtime will give you a chance to catch your breath. Click here for more ways to carve out some time for yourself.

A woman laughs and applauds while sitting at a table with friends. Spending time with people who make you happy is good for confidence.

Choose your company wisely

Rick suggests surrounding yourself with positive people. Think about it: How good can you feel if you hear whining, complaining and pessimistic comments all day?

Positivity is contagious and when you surround yourself with it, it’s bound to rub off.

“Like-minded people help us feel better about the little things that may go wrong in our day,” Rick said. “It’s important to surround yourself with caring people who give you good advice, but who also go through the same ups and downs in life as you.”

A smiling, confident woman sits at her table with reflections from outside coming in.

Accentuate the positive

Research has shown that intentionally focusing on the positive things in your life—no matter how small—can make you a happier person, having short-term and long-term benefits.

So whether you make mental lists of all the plusses in your life or actually write them down in a gratitude journal, you are helping yourself boost your happiness and eventually your confidence.

Woman doing yoga on the beach during sunset or sunrise on sand bar. Taking time to breathe and center yourself is good for confidence.


Even in the midst of chaos, you have time to take a deep breath and center yourself.

“Remember to breathe,” Rick said. “Seriously just stepping outside or away from a negative situation can help us get a positive perspective back.”

If you can really step outside and surround yourself with nature, even better. Research shows that spending time in nature does your body good!

Learn more

Everyone’s confidence falters some time. Next time self-doubt is creeping into your day, remember these tips to help you stay on top.

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