Benefits of a post-workout massage

A woman sitting outside on a bench uses a foam roller to massage her leg muscles after a workout. A container of XS Post Workout Recovery sits on the bench next to her.

Finishing a workout is a joyous, happy occasion. You feel great and you know you just did something wonderful for yourself.

But you’ve got one more thing to do before you can check it off your list: Give your muscles a rub down.

Why? Because massaging muscles keeps them loose and helps prevent injuries. And that’s just the start of the list of why massaging after exercising is good for you.

Benefits of a post-workout massage

When you make a practice of massaging your muscles regularly after a tough workout, they will become fit faster, and some studies have shown it might even support muscle growth.

Soreness after a workout might be relieved thanks to a massage, and it may also decrease inflammation.

And massaging your muscles can make you feel less fatigued while creating a sense of well-being because feel-good endorphins like serotonin are released. It also relaxes tightness and improves circulation.

Increased joint mobility and flexibility, improved skin tone and heightened mental alertness also are on the list of potential massage benefits.

A woman with long dark hair reaches around to her right shoulder trying to massage her muscles after a workout.

Do you need to go to a professional masseuse?

While professional massages are a wonderfully relaxing experience, they are not necessary to reap the benefits listed above. However, they do come with some added perks.

Professionals can get more precise when dealing with trigger points—the tight areas and knots you might have difficulty reaching yourself.

And because you are relaxed instead of working to rub your own muscles, your levels of stress hormones are reduced. That’s good because high levels of stress hormones impair the immune system.

Helpful products for massaging muscles

While it’s the act of rubbing and massage that triggers the benefits, many products can add to the experience: Calming lotion, massage oil or recovery creams and sprays are great to use in your post workout rubdown.

In addition to creams and lotions there are tools that can help you hit the right spots when you’re massaging after a workout.

A simple tennis ball or lacrosse ball can work wonders, but you can also seek out foam rollers and cane-shaped massagers that help you reach that one knot in your upper back that needs some attention.

Ready to rub?

It’s recommended to massage each muscle area from 30 seconds to a minute. It takes about that long to release some of the tension that might have built up during exercise.

But be gentle. Rubbing too hard can make a muscle more inflamed. Experts suggest you start with light pressure and increase it. If after the rub you experience pain, ease up on it the next time. Now you can officially feel good about your workout and check it off your to-do list.

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