Back to school: A shopping list for parents

A view from the back of a classroom as a young child raises their hand.

Common school supplies include pencils, paper, glue, markers and of course that iconic brand new box of crayons. (Remember that smell?)

But we have a few other suggestions for back-to-school supplies. Add these items to your shopping list to help you and your family start the year off right.

Wipes, sanitizer and disinfectant

While you should definitely send your kids to school with instructions to wash their hands frequently and avoid touching their faces, you can also have some extra tools handy.

A bottle of Amway Home G and H Protect+ Hand Sanitizer sits on a windowsill next to a potted cactus.

Stick a bottle of G&H Protect+™ Advanced Hand Sanitizer with Pro-Vitamin B5 in their backpack so they will never go without. A pack of Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Wipes will come in handy for any sticky situations they might encounter, too.

Considering kids bring a lot of the outside world inside when they come home, you should make a disinfectant cleaner part of your regular routine. Pursue™ Disinfectant Cleaner kills various types of viruses, bacteria and fungi – including E. coli, salmonella and more.

A can of Amway Home Prewash Spray lies on top of a child's shirt with an obvious stain on it.

Laundry supplies

Laundry can be different when school starts up again, in both the types of dirt you may be dealing with and the frequency. And with people leaving the house on a regular basis, you’ll definitely be doing more of it.

Make sure you have all your favorite laundry products to tackle any spills, spots or stains that might turn up. Amway Home™ products have everything you might need; that Prewash Spray is a must!

The products cannot, however, guarantee that your kids will put their dirty clothes in the laundry or do the actual wash themselves. They may be powerful on dirt, but they’re not miracle workers.

Convenient snacks

Some things never change, including the phenomenon of kids piling in the door after school or practice and heading straight to the kitchen with the question, “What can I eat?”

Stock your kitchen with plenty of ready-to-eat options that also provide nutrients, like grab-and-go fruit, sliced vegetables with dip and their favorite bars and snacks. XS™ has multiple varieties of energy bars and protein bars that are sure to hit the spot for the perpetually hungry.

Hands are shown offering XS protein bars to another person.

Nutritional supplements

No matter how many nutrient-filled snacks you have on hand or healthy meals you prepare, your kids aren’t always going to make the best choices when it comes to what they eat. Help fill any nutrient gaps left by their periodic binges on junk food by making nutritional supplements a regular part of their day.

Nutrilite™ offers an array of supplements in convenient and fun formats like gummies, smoothies and jelly splats that will make getting your kids to take them hassle-free. The collection includes Nutrilite Kids Multivitamin Gummy, which supports their immune system as well as bone health and eye health.† (All that screen time!)

A new skin care routine

While school yearbooks from last year might be full of screenshots or sparsely populated classrooms, it’s likely many school functions will return live and in person this year. Help your kids feel ready to face each day with a skin care routine that supports healthy looking skin.

Artistry™ has several products your teen will love, including Artistry Studio™ Spot On! Blemish Dots or Done with Zit! Acne Treatment + Clearing Gel, both with salicylic acid.

A person in a jean jacket stands with an XS Energy Drink in one hand while looking at a phone in the other hand.

Liquid energy

Don’t forget to take care of yourself when classes start, too. Adjusting to the always-on-the-go schedule of the school year can take some getting used to, for your kids and for you. Stock up on your favorite energy beverage so you can help your kids maneuver the new routine, whether that’s coffee, tea or an energy drink.

XS™ Energy Drinks deliver a blast of caffeine and B vitamins, but they’re not loaded with sugar, carbs or calories. Plus, they come in multiple flavors to add a little variety to your day.

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Adding these items to your shopping cart will put you ahead in the race to get ready for school. Plus, you can check these items off long before your start tallying all the pencils, glue, notebooks and markers you need to buy.

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