Amway, Wired magazine highlight technology and indoor air quality

A woman sits in a living room chair using her smartphone to control the settings on the Amway Atmosphere Sky air treatment system, which can be seen in the background.

Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are making it easier than ever to monitor things that can affect your health or quality of life, including your indoor air quality.

That relationship is highlighted in a recent article on thanks to a paid partnership between Amway and Wired Magazine.

“Apps monitor our heart rate, number of steps we take each day, diets, blood sugar counts, and innumerable other health metrics,” the article reads. “They do this quickly and seamlessly. They’re backed by big computing systems that crunch data using AI engines that see trends in the way we live.”

The Atmosphere Sky air treatment system by Amway

Consider indoor air quality

The article lists the Atmosphere SkyTM air treatment system from Amway as one such device. Atmosphere Sky uses constant monitoring to adjust its performance based on the current air quality. And it’s able to be controlled through a smartphone app.

Why should air quality be a concern? As the article notes, air pollution can be up to five times more concentrated in the modern home than the air outside*. That’s a lot of pollution in a confined space.

“We’re starting to understand the impact on health and wellness these small particles in our indoor air have,” Bill Luke, Amway director of Durable Good Research, said in the article. “In most cases a person or animal breathes in these particles unless you filter them out.”

Close up of a smartphone screen showing the app for Amway Atmosphere Sky air treatment system

Fueled by technology

And technology can enhance those filtration efforts.

“Amway partnered with one of today’s largest computing giants, Amazon Web Services, using algorithms and technology underpinning the world’s largest store to power the Atmosphere Sky,” the article reads, noting that Atmosphere Sky gathers air-quality data about its surrounding area and incorporates the analysis into day- to-day performance.

Sounds like a pretty good use of technology!

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