Survey Results: Americans are Making Changes to Improve their Health amid COVID

Soup and salad are shown on a table while a hand reaches for a bottle of Nutrilite vitamins.

Americans are eating better, moving more and taking their vitamins

How has the pandemic changed you?

Are you eating healthier where before the person at the fast food drive through knew your order by heart?

Does your couch miss you because you are spending more time moving and less time staring at a screen?

Or maybe you’ve added some daily vitamins and supplements to support your immune system?

Survey shows people supporting their health

If you answered yes to any of those, you are not alone. A recent survey conducted by Amway and The Logit Group took a closer look at behavioral changes over the last 20+ months and found people are adjusting their health and wellness habits.

The survey – which analyzed 1,000 respondents in the U.S. – found that roughly two in five Americans report that they have made positive changes with their diet (41%), fitness routines (41%) and the addition of new multivitamins or other supplements (44%).

A graphic with botanical ingredients reading: 75% of Americans surveyed said they regularly take health and wellness supplements. Nutrilite by Amway is the world's number one selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand and Amway has been tracing its ingredients for more than 60 years.

And 75% of those surveyed said they are now regularly taking supplements to support their immune system.

Why are people making these changes? Three-fourths of them said they are trying to improve their current health, while just over half said they are trying to prevent future health conditions.

Product transparency is important

The survey also showed that people are concerned about the types of products they consume and how they are made.

Over the past year, two-thirds (67%) of survey respondents reported that they have become more aware of where their health and wellness ingredients come from. And well over half (57%) said that traceability—knowing where a product and its ingredients come from—is an important consideration when choosing products.

Nearly 70% of respondents said they would have more trust in a company if its health and wellness products were easily traceable—meaning the company documents and readily shares the story of what’s in its products and where those ingredients came from.

A worker at the certified organic Nutrilite farm in Mexico works in a kale field.

Nutrilite is meeting that need

“This survey confirms a growing consumer demand for product transparency and traceability—a demand further accelerated by growth of health and wellness supplement usage during the pandemic,” said François Renard, chief marketing officer for Amway, which manufactures NutriliteTM supplements.

“At Amway, we believe that consumers deserve to know what is in the products they are taking,” François continued. “Traceability is an integral part of our supply chain and has been core to our business for more than 60 years.”

Traceability in your supplements

For products like Nutrilite supplements, that means growing our own botanical ingredients and tracing them from the seed planted at our certified organic farms all the way to the supplement in a consumer’s hand.

Workers document that process, obsessing over the quality, safety, purity and effectiveness of the ingredients and products until they reach consumers. They do that through hundreds of tests on each product.

A graphic showing botanical ingredients with the words: 7 in 10 Americans surveyed would have more trust in a company if its health and wellness products are easily traceable. Amway's traceability standard is verified by Group Ecocert, an independent organization focused on sustainable practices and farming.

It’s all part of a nine-step traceability process that starts on certified organic Amway-owned farms or partner farms and continues through processing, shipping, manufacturing and packaging. And each step is supported by documentation proving that the process is up to Amway’s standards for quality and sustainable farming practices.

In addition, Amway’s traceability program is independently verified by Groupe Ecocert, a global organization focused on the implementation and promotion of sustainable practices and organic farming.

To learn more about Amway’s traceability process, check out additional blogs at Amway Connections or visit the links below.

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Survey methodology:

This research was conducted by The Logit Group on behalf of Amway. In August 2021, a total of 8,040 respondents were surveyed, using Logit Group’s opt-in consumer panel. Responses were collected from eight countries: USA (n=1,000), India (n=1,002), Italy (n=1,002), Japan (n=1,001), Malaysia (n=1,004), South Korea (n=1,006), Taiwan (n=1,000) and Thailand (n=1,025). Quotas were used to ensure representativeness by age, gender and region within each country.

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