6 gift ideas for the health nuts in your life

A woman holding a water bottle and a yoga mat is with others in an exercise studio.

Feeling stumped about what gifts to get the people in your life? We’ve put together a list of our top wellness-themed gift ideas so you can wish your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season!

A sturdy, reusable water bottle or insulated cup

There’s always that one person. The one always buying a bottle of water or carrying around their child’s sippy cup because they don’t have their own reusable bottle.

If that sounds like your friend or family member, get them their own quality water bottle or reusable insulated cup so they can stay hydrated in style while also being kind to the environment.

XS Energy Drink in a black and maroon XS duffel bag that sits on a pink yoga mat. The bag is filled with white tennis shoes,stainless steel Amway water bottle,and workout equipment. Workout gloves and wireless headphones sit in front of the bag.

Stainless steel is always a solid choice because it’s durable and a breeze to clean. We like the insulated bottles or cups because your drink stays ice cold. When choosing, consider whether it fits in the person’s cup holders in their car or on their home gym equipment.

Pro tip: Add your favorite mix-ins as part of the gift, too, like XS™ Sports Twist Tubes or Nutrilite™ Twist Tubes 2GO™ so they can support their health while staying hydrated.

A journal—wellness, mindfulness, gratitude

Wellness journals, mindfulness journals and gratitude journals each contribute to your wellbeing in different ways and make wonderful wellness gifts for someone you care about.

A person writes in a journal. A cell phone lies on the bed next to them. A succulent plant and a candle are on the nightstand.

You can find handmade ones from local artisans or specialty stores or sift through the countless available online that have sections for your desired features:

  • Weekly goals
  • Accomplishments
  • Places to track exercise, food, sleep, stress, etc.
  • To-do lists
  • Prompts for gratefulness, improvements, etc.
  • Random musings and deep thoughts

Someone you care about will surely appreciate it. And while you’re at it, consider a nice handmade pen, too, maybe one made from sustainable bamboo.

Yoga mat or exercise mat

There’s nothing like a new yoga or fitness mat to make your workouts a little more appealing. Even more so for those who may be working out at home more than usual. Unless you have a home gym setup, exercising at home can become tiresome as it’s difficult to get into the right frame of mind.

If you know someone struggling with this challenge, a new mat might be the perfect gift. Consider their workout environment when choosing to determine which features to look for.

A woman and a young girl do yoga on yoga mats on hardwood floors. One has a swirly blue design. The other is pink.

Are they working out on a carpeted surface or hard floors? Do they do hot yoga and need one that has special non-slip features? Do they need extra thickness to protect their knees?

Mats can be made from rubber, PVC, microfiber, jute or even recycled wetsuits. Some are reversible, with different features on each side. You can choose one with a fun graphic or even a round one. For the yoga beginner, you can get mats with pose diagrams and alignment guides to help ensure proper positioning.

Check the sizes, too. If the person you’re buying for is on the tall side, look for an oversized mat. They will appreciate the added space as they’re trying to find their zen.

Grippy socks

No one likes cold toes in the winter but trying to execute the perfect warrior pose in socks usually ends with a lot of slipping and sliding.

For the yogi or barre-fanatic on your list, get them some quality grippy socks, maybe in addition to the new mat. You can choose some with extra cushion on the bottom, fitted toes or even toeless.

Just make sure the bottoms have the stay-put grips for stability.

 A closeup view of two people's hands. Each is holding a container of XS Muscle Multiplier Essential Amino Acid Supplement.

Workout warriors

Is your wellness fan more of a workout warrior? Introduce them to a new supplement that might change their workout game. Dragon fruit-flavored XS™ Muscle Multiplier* Essential Amino Acid Supplement will help build lean muscle mass when combined with regular weight and resistance training and a healthy diet.

Essential Amino Acids are critical for healthy functioning bodies. Because our bodies can’t produce them, we must get them through food or supplementation. XS™ Muscle Multiplier* delivers all nine essential amino acids.

And definitely checkout XSgear.com for some awesome clothing items, water bottles, gym bags and other fun items that might make their holidays a little brighter—like these XS Can String Lights! (See what we did there?)

A good ol’ gift certificate

When all else fails, you really can’t go wrong with a gift certificate for a spa, facial, massage, kombucha bar, juice bar, their favorite supplements or their favorite wellness brand.

In addition to the offerings at XSgear.com, you can see gear and gift certificates and items from Nutrilite, Artistry and Amway at Amwaygear.com. And to learn more about the products mentioned here, visit the links below. Happy shopping!

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