Did your resolutions survive Quitter’s Day? We have tips!

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Are you still keeping your New Year’s resolutions? If the answer is yes, congratulations! You survived Quitter’s Day!

Fitness app-maker Strava looked at 12 months of user data for more than 98.3 million fitness activities and determined that Jan. 19 is the day most people are likely to call it quits when it comes to sticking with their resolutions. Others point to the second Friday in January as the turning point.

If you are one of the many to succumb to the statistic, do not fret. There are no rules against starting your “new year” again. Plus, we have tips to make this time different so Quitter’s Day will come and go while you are staying committed to your goals.

1. Make a plan

Whatever your goal, planning is the first step to getting it done. You can’t just jump out of bed one day and start eating better if you’re your home is still filled with sweets and treats. You need to spend time writing a plan and outlining how you will keep your resolutions. Writing it out makes it real and shows you there is a path to success.

Want to lose weight? Choose an approach that suits your lifestyle. Make shopping lists and meal plans for a few weeks to help you get started and devise a plan to track your progress. There are a lot of mobile apps to help with this, or you can use a trusty notebook.

If you simply want to eat healthier or cut down on animal protein, make a list of healthy foods you need, including other healthy proteins like Nutrilite™ Organics Plant Protein Powder, and stock up. Make a “Do not buy” list, too, and do your best to adhere to it!

2. Size matters

Aiming for 10 resolutions is crazy. Shooting for five is a little less crazy. The fewer you have the better your chances for success.

Resolutions are typically major lifestyle changes and those are not easy to accomplish. Keeping just one for an entire year should make you proud. Think quality over quantity.

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3. Reminders help

Get some fun sticky notes and write yourself reminders and motivating messages. Post them where you’ll see them every day, like your bathroom mirror, the fridge or the back door.

Giving up ice cream for the year? Put one on the freezer. Committing to skipping fast food? Post a reminder on your dashboard to help you avoid the temptation of the drive-thru. Are you setting a goal to save money? Post something on your wallet, purse or credit card.

Think about your weak spots and post a note to give you a boost. You could even give some blank ones to your family and invite them to help you with their own messages.

4. Mind control

You’ve got your plan, you’ve made a manageable list and you’ve posted your reminders. Now it’s time to put your mind to it.

That’s where your will power is and that will make or break your resolutions. Good news! There are steps you can take to strengthen your resolve, and they have other benefits, too.

Studies have shown that expressing gratitude, feeling pride over accomplishments and having compassion for others can help with your self-control.

So, when you’re at step one and forming your plan to achieve your resolutions for the year, make sure to include regular opportunities to practice gratitude, set smaller, incremental goals you can celebrate along the way and look for ways to help others—whether it’s your friends and family or volunteering for those in need.

Follow these tips to make your resolutions stick. And if, after a while, you find yourself struggling, don’t worry. Just start again! Click here for tips to get back on track. To learn more about how Amway products can help you reach your goals, talk to an Amway Business Owner or click on the links below.

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