Unleash Allover Volume + Flexible Hold Hair Care

Truly great hair products help unveil the natural beauty of even the finest hair — without weighing it down. With a little volume and a bit of hold, you can style virtually any look you want!

Flexible style. All-day hold.

Now you can say goodbye to heavy gels, creams, and hairsprays that make your hair feel brittle! All-new Satinique Volumising Mousse gives just the right amount of hold to get you through your day, while adding volume, body, and shine.

The uniquely formulated styling foam offers haircare for any type of hair, but is especially beneficial for fine hair.

A Luxurious Formula for Beautiful Results

Satinique Volumising Mousse gets its unique qualities from our exclusive, lightweight formula, which includes:

  • Lifting polymers Hair is pumped up with anti-gravity volume. No flaking or stiff strands. Just pure, long-lasting, weightless control.
  • Macadamia nut oil Stays light, yet is easily absorbed to add softness and shine for a healthy appearance.
  • Soy protein Nourishes and strengthens hair, improves body and texture, and helps to keep it manageable.

And like all Satinique products, Volumising Mousse features fruity and floral fragrances. Notes of pear, green apple, rose, and musk create a vibrant, pleasing scent.

Tip: Get Red Carpet Volume!

  1. Apply Volumising Mousse to damp hair from root to tips.
  2. Distribute through hair with a wide toothed comb.
  3. Blow-dry hair in sections.
  4. When a section is dry, lift it straight out from the scalp and roll with ringers; use a clip or bobby pin to keep it in place.
  5. Remove clips when dry, and gently brush out.

Create Your Favorite Style

Add volume, strength, and shine with Satinique Volumising Mousse >

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