Repair the damage: Tools for sun-damaged hair

Two people are at the beach with their long hair blowing in the wind.

Summer is in full force! And while you’re having fun soaking up the sun and enjoying the heat, your hair might be suffering.

Sun damage can leave even the healthiest hair feeling dry and brittle. But it’s easier than you think to tame the damage and revitalize hair.

Just treat, repair and protect.

Satinique hair care: The choice for summer hair

Whether you color your hair regularly, or you’re showing off your natural shades, the Satinique Color Repair Collection is a great go-to for repairing the appearance of hair.

The key is rehydrating hair and repairing the cuticle—that outer layer that helps keep moisture within the hair shaft. Satinique products offer unique formulas to treat damaged hair, correct it and defend against further issues—all in three simple steps.

Satinique Overnight Repair Treatment

Treat: Satinique Overnight Repair Treatment

This leave-in treatment nourishes damaged hair without fading your color. The patented Enerjuve Complex penetrates the hair follicle and selectively binds with damaged areas.

The outcome is hair that’s revitalized, hydrated, repaired and fortified from root to tip. For best results—use the Overnight Repair Treatment three times a week.

Satinique Revitalizing Mask

Repair: Satinique Revitalizing Mask

This powerful treatment deeply conditions both natural and color-treated hair and uses Enerjuve Complex for further repair.

It also enhances the results of Satinique Color Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. The greater your hair damage, the more often the mask can be used.

Satinique Dual Defend Spray

Protect: Satinique Dual Defend Spray

This exclusive formula offers special humectants, emollients and sunscreens to stand up to both the sun and styling, so hair remains hydrated, shiny and stronger.

It’s the perfect finishing touch to the corrective formulas that feature the Enerjuve Complex. And it’s gentle enough to use every single day.

Learn more

Want to learn more about taking control of your hair and fighting back against sun damage? Visit the websites for Amway US and Amway Canada. You’ll find everything you need to unleash the power of your summer hair!


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