Put an End to Winter-Damaged Hair

For some, brittle or frizzy hair can be a year-round problem. But we all know about the added damage that occurs during cold, dry winter months.

Why does it happen?

In winter, all elements combine to wreak havoc on even the healthiest hair. Strong winds snarl long hairstyles. Harsh weather — like snow, sleet, and extreme temperatures — can cause split ends and frizz. And the hats and scarves we wear generate static electricity to further dry and break hair. It all leaves hair looking and feeling less healthy, for months at a time.

What you can do about it

To moisturize, treat, and repair damaged hair, invest in high-quality products to get you through this brutal season. Look for ingredients that will strengthen and renew your hair for best results.

Treating your winter-damaged hair


This unique treatment is made with our own patented Scalp Revitalizing Complex, which helps restore a healthy looking scalp while improving hair’s thickness and density. Plus, signature botanical blends and nutrients refresh the scalp and further strengthen fine, fragile hair.

SATINIQUE Overnight Repair Treatment

This leave-in treatment nourishes damaged hair while you sleep, to hydrate and repair the hair cuticle. It works in part thanks to our patented Enerjuve™ Complex, which is specially formulated with strengthening lipids, creatine, and more to penetrate the hair follicle and rebuild weak spots from the inside out.

SATINIQUE Revitalizing Mask

Made especially for color-treated hair, Satinique Revitalizing Mask this formula brings new vitality to dull, dry hair and helps protect against all those harsh environmental stressors.

SATINIQUE Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

Reduce hair loss from breakage, with a cleansing blend that helps to strengthen and invigorate fragile, fine hair.

Each of these products can be used alone. But you’ll get even better, more complete treatment by combining several of them together. Soon, your split ends and frizz will be behind you — and you’ll enjoy healthier looking, fuller, more vibrant hair all year long.

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