International Ponytail Day: Here are some trends to celebrate in style

A smiling woman sits on a beach wearing a denim shirt with her long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Did you know July 7 is International Ponytail Day? But, anyone with locks long enough to pull back knows that the versatile hairstyle is celebrated on multiple days, sometimes even most days.

With one hair tie, ponytails keep hair out of your face on windy days, get it off your neck on hot days, save you time on rushed days and save your life on the proverbial bad hair days.

They can be simple and convenient, or beautifully involved and complex with twists, knots or extensions.

Expert tips

According to trendwatchers and fashionistas, this year’s ponytail styles are being decorated with accoutrements of all kinds:

  • Grab your favorite ribbons to hold your hair together for a pop of color.
  • Use ribbons, scarves or some other handy fabric to wrap the length of your ponytail.
  • Use your own hair to wrap around the elastic for a sleek, finished look.
  • Use metallic wires to hold your ponytail, string through your braids or wrap around the length for a bit of sparkle.
  • Add decorative hair pins or clips wherever you want – pearls, jewels, flowers, gemstones, beads, birds.
  • Pull your ponytail back with a barrette – simple and dignified, fancy and ornate, or whimsical and fun – whatever suits your mood for the day.

The back of a woman's head showing a high ponytail.

Check out our post from last year on how to create sleek, high ponytail and adjust accordingly for your chosen look.

And men, feel free to drop the bun and let the ponytail flow free today in celebration. Everyone loves a holiday, right?

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