How To Get Your Best Beach Hair

Summer’s here and it’s time to pull out your best beach looks and take the vibe of cool breezes and warm, relaxing sun with you wherever you go.

Your look starts with perfectly-wavy hair — full of beautiful body and without the frizz. Whether your hair’s natural state is fine and straight or tightly curled, you can pull off this carefree look with a few simple steps in mind.

Beach hair that’s on-trend

For easy-going waves, a simple approach is best. Set aside the hairbrush, and instead do an easy tousle using your fingers, with head turned upside-down. Create soft waves with different techniques for your hair type:

For naturally curly hair


Try Satinique Styling Cream. Apply with fingertips to tame natural curls for a softer look. To control frizz, mist the palm of your hand with Satinique Shine Spray, and apply to hair.

For naturally straight hair

Section your hair and use a curling iron to create your waves. Then separate curls with your fingers.

Styling tip!

Add the unique look and feel that comes only from ocean water, with a simple salt-water mixture. Just add two heaping tablespoons of salt to hot water in a spray bottle, and mist hair before styling.

Finish the look


Keep waves in place by first creating a piecey look — Satinique Texturizing Matte Wax can help you do it. Then give hair a quick scrunch, and mist with Satinique Shine Spray, followed by Satinique Final Step Finishing Spray.

You’ll turn heads — and feel like you’ve just been enjoying some peaceful, fun time at the beach — no matter where your day takes you!

Find everything you need

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