Forget Flat Hair: New Haircare Approaches to Get You Lasting Volume

Forget Flat Hair

Don’t let flat hair get you down. The humidity of summer is not so kind to those of us who fight to retain some volume in our daily hairstyle.

Your hair can fall flat quicker than you can get to the car and crank the AC! Use these tips to help you keep that boost you earned this morning!

1) Start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner

Use shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated to increase volume and fight humidity.

Satinique™ Extra Volume Shampoo and Extra Volume Conditioner

  • Gives you hair that’s up to 37% fuller all day
  • Contains a patented Enerjuve™ Complex that helps repair your hair’s appearance.
  • Also contains an exclusive blend of lightweight, lifting polymers infuse hair with body.

Elevate your fine, limp hair with seemingly gravity-defying volume!

2) Create pockets of air for some serious oomph

1. When you’re done blow-drying your hair, switch to the cool setting
2. Flip your head over, and aim the nozzle randomly around to cover all areas of your hair/head.

This will create pockets of air between your strands. Instant volume!

3) Tame that voluminous tiger!

Avoid looking wild and unruly after drying your hair: lightly mist hair with Satinique™ Shine Spray. Be sure to spray from 8-12 inches from dry hair!

  • With a unique blend of emollients, Satinique™ Shine Spray’s clear mist formula gives dull hair an instant boost in brilliance and manageability
  • The lightweight spray is non-greasy and performs on all hair types – especially dry hair
  • Tames hair without weighing it down

4) Final Step: Hold it all together

To help you achieve that all-day hold that you crave, complete your routine with a good finishing spray, such as Satinique™ Final Step Finishing Spray.

  • Satinique™ Final Step Finishing Spray lifts and controls, thanks to a unique blend of styling polymers and light conditioners
  • Humidity-resistant formula helps keep hair tamed and frizz free, no matter the weather
  • Patented Enerjuve™ Complex helps repair the look of hair, restore, and protect
  • Fine-mist aerosol leaves hair soft and touchable, never sticky or heavy

Don’t fall flat this summer. Try these volumizing tricks and keep your look fresh all season long!

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