Fight Summer Frizz: Tips for Healthy Looking Hair

Summer means beaches, pools, and lots of time in the sun. But all the salt water, chlorine, and UV rays can leave hair brittle and dry. Now is the time to fight the frizz!

Repair Damaged Hair

The right products will work together to enhance benefits — giving you luxurious locks before season’s end!


 3 Tips For Healthy Looking Hair

You can correct sun damage while still enjoying time outdoors. Start now for stronger, smoother, and softer hair. Here’s how:

1. Look for great hair products, like shampoos that strengthen hair from root to tip.

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Satinique Smooth Moisture Shampoo >
Scientifically advanced ingredients fortify hair and elevate its look to its fullest potential.

2. Use conditioner near the ends of your hair and a moisturizing shampoo at the roots. As the shampoo runs down, it will lock moisture in to restore your locks to their natural healthy look and beauty.

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Satinique Smooth Moisture Conditioner >
With patented Enerjuve Complex to restore hair.

3. Choose a leave-in conditioner to tame flyaways and protect against frizz from heat and humidity.

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Satinique Straightening Balm >
Transforms dry, unmanageable hair to leave it smoother and more resistant to humidity — making it effective on curly, frizzy strands, too.

Satinique Revitalizing Mask >
Strengthens hair by repairing it at the cuticle — and without fading your color

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