#InspiredCoaching: Successful players have more than good stats

Florida Gators Head Football Coach Dan Mullen talks with his team at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.
Florida Gators Head Football Coach Dan Mullen talks with his team at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As Florida Gators Head Football Coach, Dan Mullen’s job is to form winning teams while preparing a group of young men for life after football.

That’s why when he surveys possible recruits, he is looking at more than their stat sheet.

Good character

“One of the more important parts of recruiting for me is to find out more about the young men,” Mullen said. “We want young men that have great character, great work ethic, because if you have that character and work ethic, you’re going to continually improve throughout your career.”

Mullen shared his story with USAToday.com as part of a partnership between Amway, USA TODAY and the American Football Coaches Association. The partnership represents Amway’s continued commitment to #inspiredcoaching, highlighting the parallels between winning teams in sports and business.

A closeup view of a football with the University of Florida Gators logo on it inside the stadium.

Team building on and off the field

A great character and work ethic will help make winning teams, Mullen said. But, just as business leaders mentor their teams to set them up for success, he builds on those traits to help his players turn into well-rounded adults, one of his favorite parts of the job.

“We use the game of football to teach them so many life lessons to give them a foundation to be successful in life when they go on to become husbands, when they go on to become fathers, when they go on to have their own careers,” Mullen said.

Making an impact

“I can’t tell you my record,” he continued. “But I can tell you the impact I’ve made on young people’s lives. That stays with you.”

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