#InspiredCoaching: What does success look like for you?

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Defining success is the first step toward achieving it, but that definition is going to be different for each person.

For some, success is measured in wins and losses or dollars and cents. For others it’s about their impact on the people around them or their personal achievements.

On the field, off the field

Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach in the National Football League, said success in professional sports can be simple.

“It’s really easy in team sports to say we want to beat this team,” Welter said. “But when you get out of sports, those things are not so black and white.

“Some people are going to get into a business because they want to pay for something or they want some good part-time cash or to buy a house or put their kid through college,” she continued. “For them, success is going to be how they can get there.”

Welter shared her insight at Amway World Headquarters earlier this year as part of a summit called Tackling Grass Ceilings: Building a Winning Game Plan. The event was a highlight of Amway’s commitment to promoting #InspiredCoaching through the Amway Coaches’ Poll partnership.

Success differs for each person

As a former coach, Welter knows that coaches need to be tuned in to what their players define as success so they can help them achieve it. That’s true off the field, too.

“Whatever your team is,” she said, “You first have to tap into each of the individuals to see what it is they consider a win.”

Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) Lauren Wilz, who also was a panelist at the Grass Ceilings event, has those discussions with other Amway IBOs on her team to help them achieve. She asks them: What do you want and when do you want it?

“And the other component of that is: What are you willing to give up?” she said. “It doesn’t’ have to be this big grandiose sacrifice, but we’ve all learned we can’t do everything all the time.”

Through mentorship, she enjoys helping other people identify their success and achieve their goals, which is a big part of her Amway business.

Focus on others

In his last book, “Simply Rich,” Amway Co-founder Rich DeVos noted that the biggest successes – personal or professional – come when people are focused on others rather than themselves.

“I have succeeded only by helping others succeed,” he wrote. “My friend and partner Jay Van Andel and I discovered that this was at the heart of the Amway business we started and built together.”

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