Coaches’ Poll Monday Morning Huddle Preview

Football season is almost here, which means the Coaches’ Trophy tour is almost underway!

Coaches’ Trophy on tour

You’ll be able to get an up close and personal look at the Coaches’ Trophy during the college football season! The first stop on the tour is Ole Miss vs. Florida State at the Orlando Citrus Bowl on September 5, Labor Day. You can check out the rest of the tour schedule here.

Get ready for a takeover

Let your teams know by sharing with them upcoming takeovers and print placements about the Coaches’ Trophy. You can find them here:



  • USATODAY Newspaper Sports Section Front Placement – 9/7 and 9/11

Get ready for Monday Morning Huddle

Every Monday, following the weekend games, we’ll be posting about the past weekend’s events and sharing content you can leverage about the Coaches’ Poll and Coaches’ Trophy. The first Monday Morning Huddle blog will be Tuesday, September 6, following the games on Labor Day.

Follow Amway on the Coaches’ Trophy tour

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