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Amway Overtime Coaching Series

Coaching an athletic team and leading a business have much more in common than you might expect. Both call on an entrepreneurial spirit, and are deeply rooted in and reliant upon values like teamwork, leadership and mentorship.

The coaching connection is a natural one for Amway. For nearly 60 years, we have understood the importance of inspired coaching when it comes to driving success either on the field or in a business environment. As part of this, Amway is the first-ever exclusive partner of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Coaches’ Poll, and the exclusive presenting sponsor of the AFCA Coaches’ National Championship Trophy.

This partnership inspired the new Amway Overtime video series, a collection of video interviews with some of the most recognizable names in college football coaching. As our featured coaches have experienced firsthand, the underlying philosophies that mold better players on the field are directly applicable to business leadership off of it. From identity and direction to guiding your team through a crisis, business leaders can soak up advice and wisdom that reinforce their own endeavors.

Amway Overtime

Check out a few clips of our inaugural Amway Overtime videos below and share your thoughts with us on how coaching a team is similar to leading a business at @AmwayUS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #AmwayOvertime.

Rick Neuheisel: Identity & Direction

The Rick Neuheisel approach to leadership is forged by three key questions: Who are we, where are we going, and how are we going to get there? The resulting clear sense of identity and direction – coupled with the active, daily choice to have a positive attitude – makes business leaders and their teams relentlessly positive, convinced that anything can and will be accomplished.

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Phillip Fulmer: The Trust Factor

For Phillip Fulmer, building successful relationships begins with trust. By spending time getting to know individuals, learning how to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses, a leader communicates the message that the team is more important than the individual. With this mindset in place, he says, you’re going to have success.

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Les Miles: Leading Through a Crisis

Former Louisiana State University Head Coach Miles’ time in Baton Rouge was marked by adversity brought on by Hurricane Katrina. He credits a strong leadership structure and the importance of attitude, integrity and character with getting everyone through this challenging time. Both coaches and business executives can learn from Miles’ example on how to lead despite adversity.

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