Game Plan: Four Tips for Building Winning Teams

Rick Neuheisel, Mike Gundy, Les Miles and Phillip Fulmer are some of the top current and former college football coaches in the country. Years of experience creating winning cultures on and off the field is inspired coaching at its best. Their words of wisdom draw striking parallels in business ownership and are taken to heart by Amway business leaders. Here’s some tips for building your own winning team.

Consistency is Key

Hall of Fame college football coach Phillip Fulmer believes inspired coaching starts with trust and doing what you say you’re going to do. Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) Felipe Becerra applies the same approach with his team. He says, “In order to inspire and motivate others, you need to be consistent in what you say and do.”

See the Big Picture

Mike Gundy, head football coach of Oklahoma State University, views himself as a mentor more than a coach. He has learned to focus on the individual rather than just the sport. “Over time, the person became more important – as well as the concept of the big picture.” Paying close attention to the attitudes of his players and coaches allows him to instill valuable lessons his team can use later in life.

IBO Nick Nwoke agrees. “It’s important to see people for who they are and where they can be. The bigger picture is about helping other people,” he says.

Be the Example

“To be able to help anyone else, you personally have to first set a great example,” says IBO Arti Chawla. This advice is shared by Les Miles, former head football coach. “When dealing with adversity, everyone is going to look at you and see who you are at that time. If you stand tall and are of the right heart, your organization can improve.”

Share your Passion

IBO Ravi Chawla equates inspired coaching with authentic leadership. There’s nothing more genuine than an unbridled passion for what you do. Former head coach and player Rick Neuheisel describes inspired coaching as active coaching. He says, “It’s not something you’re teaching because you read about it in a book. If it’s something you believe in and you’re passionate about, the person you’re coaching can’t help but feel the same passion.”

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      Hi Jacques, and thanks for your interest! Please contact Amway Customer Service. They are best able to connect you with an IBO in your area! Visit, email at [email protected] or call 800-253-6500. Have a great day!

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    C’est très interessant !

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