If you want to be a plumber and someone gives you a master plumber’s toolbox but no support, training or mentoring to go with it, how successful do you think you’ll be?

What if you had all the surgical tools to perform any procedure—does that immediately make you a qualified surgeon?

Starting your own business is a similar experience. That’s why the Amway opportunity comes with a built-in team of mentorship and support, continual online or in-person training, and a business infrastructure at your fingertips.

Jan. 25 is #ThankYourMentor Day

In honor of #ThankYourMentor Day on Jan. 25—part of National Mentoring Month—we’re highlighting all the mentoring, training and support that is offered to each person who joins the Amway business.

“What Amway does is, they provide everything,” said Martin Wang, who became an Amway Independent Business Owner in 2006. “One thing I really thank the company for is the support that they give us.”

Wang is one of several Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) featured in the latest video in our series about the benefits of owning an Amway business.

A deep bench of support and training

 Amway Independent Business Owners have the immediate support of the team that introduced them to the business, the Amway employees designing, manufacturing and delivering high-quality Amway products, and those creating digital business support tools and managing and tracking each sales transaction.

And then there are the millions of free training sessions delivered by Amway across the globe each year. That includes Amway Education, a collection of more than 80 video courses available in five languages tackling subjects from business etiquette and understanding body language to following up with customers and the retail margin.

The lessons address each phase of the Amway business: Just starting out, building your business, learning how to lead and, finally, becoming a leader to help others achieve their goals.

A company committed to success, personal growth

Jim Ayres, managing director of Amway North America, put it best when talking about the launch of Amway™ Education: “One of the best things about the Amway business is that everyone surrounding you is committed to you and your success.”

Is owning your own business right for you? Bonita Lin, an IBO since 1998, said if you are willing to learn and work hard, it can be.

“All you need is a desire to do – and be – something more,” she said.

Have you thanked your mentor lately? Give them a shout-out on social media for #ThankYourMentorDay to recognize all they did for you!

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