Pamella Roland creates exclusive scottish tartan

From the New York Fashion Week™† (NYFW®††) runway, high fashion designer Pamella Roland partnered with Amway once again – this time in the mountains of Scotland. Pamella created a unique tartan piece exclusively for an Amway event, the North American Growth Council (NAGC). The unique tartan wraps and scarves were gifted to attendees of the event.

What’s a tartan?

Designed tartan

Scotland is a country rich in heritage. Each “clan” or “family” historically has a designated tartan design – a plaid pattern printed on fabric that is worn by family members to represent their lineage and family loyalty. The exclusive tartan created by Pamella is made of lamb’s wool, a premium fabric in Scottish attire.

The design process for the tartan began in the same way our collection does; we start with something classic and mix it with something new.  We took the traditional tartan design, and incorporated bright, bold hues of royal blue and navy.  Finishing it off with thin, complimentary strands of metallic lurex gold.

— Pamella Roland

Although the tartan was designed in the United States, the pieces were hand woven in Scotland. Upon its release, the tartan was officially registered in the Scottish Registry of Tartans.

Beautiful Partnerships

Pamella Roland designs

Pamella Roland has partnered with Amway over last three years. Artistry™, Amway’s skincare and cosmetics brand, has been the official makeup sponsor and graced the faces of Pamella’s models on the prestigious NYFW®†† runway and other industry events.


†New York Fashion Week™ is a trademark of Fashion Week, Inc.

††NYFW® is a registered trademark of Fashion Week, Inc.

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