Nutrilite, Orlando Magic ink first-of-its kind partnership in NBA

A sign at the Amway Center showing the Orlando Magic Fan Experience by Nutrilite.

When it comes to sponsorships, Amway is drawn to sports. Why? Because company leaders see a direct parallel between the dedication and teamwork needed to build a winning athletic team and the dedication and teamwork needed to build a successful Amway business.

It’s also because sports teams and the maker of Nutrilite™ supplements both recognize the importance of health and wellness—on and off the court.

That’s why Amway has had a longtime partnership with the NBA®’s Orlando Magic®, including naming rights to the Amway Center where they play. (It doesn’t hurt that the family of Amway co-founder Rich DeVos own the team!)

Official vitamins of the Orlando Magic

This year sees a new partnership added to the list. The Orlando Magic recently announced that the Nutrilite™ Men’s and Women’s Packs are the Official Vitamins of the Orlando Magic, a first-of-its-kind partnership in the NBA.

A man and woman stand in front of a muraled wall. The man is holding a Nutrilite Men's Pack sachet and the woman is holding Nutrilite Women's Pack sachet.

“The Orlando Magic and Amway have a shared focus on health and nutrition,” Magic CEO Alex Martins said. “The Magic are excited to welcome Nutrilite Men’s and Women’s Packs, trusted, high-quality vitamins, to our partnership family.”

Magic Chairman Dan DeVos said that Amway is committed to its vision of helping people live better lives.

“That vision aligns perfectly with the Magic’s mission to be world champions both on and off the court, he said. “Both organizations take pride in what makes our businesses thrive – principles, people and products. We’re excited about what we can accomplish together.”

A digital display at the Amway Center reads: There's Magic in the House, referring to the professional basketball team the Orlando Magic, owned by the family of Amway Cofounder Rich DeVos.

Health and wellness take ‘center court’

The Nutrilite Men’s and Women’s Packs are optimal blends of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that provide the foundational nutrients unique to the needs of men and women.

“We’re thrilled to have Nutrilite products recognized as the first official vitamins of an NBA team, especially with our longtime partners, the Orlando Magic,” said Kelli Templeton, chief marketing officer for Amway North America.

“It’s a perfect match and exciting to see health and wellness take ‘center court’ in a partnership like this. Highlighting the importance of living a healthy, balanced life with the best of nature and science is what Nutrilite has been known for over the past 85 years.”

Packages of Nutrilite Men's and Women's Packs lie against a green and gray background. A sachet and tablets lie next to each of them.

Building a partnership

As a result of this multi-year deal, fans will see Nutrilite branding at the Magic’s home games as well as social media content promoting the partnership.

Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) will also benefit with exclusive access to opportunities to learn more about the Magic and Nutrilite endeavors.

The relationship between Amway and the Magic has resulted in amazing opportunities for Amway to bring experiences to the team’s fans, including an interactive Nutrilite™ Magic Fan Experience inside the Amway Center where visitors can learn about the rich history of Amway’s vitamin and supplement brand alongside exciting moments from the Magic’s history.

Want to learn more about Nutrilite Men’s and Women’s packs, the Official Vitamins of the Orlando Magic? Visit or

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