Living life on his own terms: Alberto Mayagoitia’s Amway story

Amway IBO Alberto Mayagoitia leans against a railing and smiles at the camera

After finding success in his teens as a theater and soap opera actor in Mexico, Alberto Mayagoitia was living the highlife and enjoying his fame. But it was not easy.

“I was always working, working, working,” he said. “It was a rat race. I had to keep performing to afford the show business lifestyle.”

He also wasn’t finding any fulfillment in his work. He wanted something more out of life.

Looking for stability

He first heard about Amway from the daughter of an actor friend who talked to Alberto and his then future wife, Lilia Sixtos, about the idea of owning their own business.

“Acting is an industry with little stability, so having an extra source of income was attractive to me,” he said. “Amway Mexico had just started a few months prior, and I was intrigued that I could be one of the first business owners there.”

Alberto said he liked the business model and the numbers made sense to him. He started his own business that evening, and a month later, Lilia joined him. They traveled to an Amway event in Atlanta and met other business owners.

Amway Independent Business Owners Alberto and Lilia Mayagoitia sit on a couch getting ready for an on-camera interview

Seeing the potential

“We started developing relationships and seeing the bigger potential in front of us; it was exciting,” he said. Meanwhile, Amway Mexico was growing and expanding its product line. Alberto began turning down acting jobs so he could focus on his Amway business.

“I saw bigger potential in developing my own business rather than working for someone else,” he said. “I wanted to focus where I could make the most difference in our lives.”

Striving for self-improvement

His fame as an actor accelerated his success in the Amway™ business, helping him achieve a leadership level before he turned 25. But he also knew that he still had a lot to learn. “I didn’t mature as a person,” Alberto said. When he recognized that, he sought out more education to sustain his success.

“I learned everything I could about running a business and started taking advantage of the training Amway offered to better myself,” he said.

More than two decades later, that passion for self-improvement hasn’t wavered. And the flexibility of being an entrepreneur makes it possible for him to pursue it. “I govern my own calendar,” he said. “I work my business, continue my education, travel with my family, enjoy acting and producing films and live life on my terms.”

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