A Nice Patent on the Back

We often talk about Amway’s innovation and industry-leading R&D that has 800+ patents held worldwide, but rarely do we see a third party evaluate the quality of these patents.

patent-wall-300x225In 2013, Amway parent company (Alticor) placed 11th in the Top 20 Companies of The Patent Board’s Consumer Products industry scorecard, published on WSJ.com. The ranking seeks to measure the overall strength of the company’s patent portfolio holdings with a combined measure of quality and quantity.

This is great news for Amway!

The 10 companies that were ranked before Amway were Nike Inc., Procter & Gamble Co., Whirlpool Corp, LG Electronics Inc., Samsung Group, Acushnet Co., adidas AG, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dyson James Ltd and Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

These are some great companies to be mentioned with, and we are proud to represent a company that focuses so heavily on moving forward with new technology!


  • Rob says:

    In looking at this blog, I noticed the first item I see on the history tab is from 2014. Are there no recent posts available in 8 years? I noticed a section before this with a post in 2016 as the most recent. It seems this information is not kept up to date, and no relevant information is available for years to be shared with people wanting to learn more about Amway. Does the Amway team plan to update this site or has it become a stale website?

    • Amway Connections says:

      Hi Rob, thanks so much for your interest! We publish new blogs each week, just not in every category. For those who want to know more about Amway, please visit Amway.com. Thanks for your feedback!

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