New Report Reveals U.S. Attitudes On Entrepreneurship

How do you define entrepreneurship? This was the theme for the 2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER), a survey that provides insight into the role of entrepreneurship in society. This year’s report focused on understanding U.S. attitudes toward this subject.

The 2015 report is our biggest yet surveying nearly 50,000 respondents in 44 countries. This year’s study focused on “Defining the Entrepreneurial Spirit,” by introducing the “Amway Entrepreneurial Spirit Index.

– Doug Devos, Amway President and Steve Van Andel, Amway Chairman

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Understanding the Significance of Entrepreneurship

Amway has been passionate about helping people start a business for years. Part of that support comes from understanding how entrepreneurs think and act.

Entrepreneurship is a way for people to realize a better life for themselves and their families. Entrepreneurs also create jobs and encourage competition. They spur economic growth and bring opportunities to communities.

– Doug Devos, Amway President and Steve Van Andel, Amway Chairman

Key Findings

David B. Audretsch, Distinguished Professor, Ameritech Chair of Economic Development, Director for the Institute for Development Strategies, and Director for SPEA Overseas Education Programs, brings to light the latest findings from AGER 2015, which builds on the significant insights and takeaways from previous years.


Positive Attitude

The report found a remarkably high attitude towards entrepreneurship at 82% positivity. That’s an increase from the previous year, when fewer than two-thirds of respondents reported a positive attitude. Once again Americans, exhibiting a positive attitude, have exceeded the mean for all international countries surveyed at 75%!

Independence and Self-Fulfillment

The most prevalent motivation for becoming an entrepreneur is independence, with 75% of respondents with this response. This is followed by self-fulfillment from 72% of respondents.

Gender Gap

While Americans have a high degree of confidence in their abilities to become an entrepreneur, there is a large gender gap. 67% of males have a greater desire to start their own business, and 69% of males have greater confidence in their abilities.

A Hospitable Environment

Over two-thirds of respondents consider the United States to constitute an environmentally friendly society. This has risen from last year and is considerably greater than how most countries are perceived by their residents for being entrepreneurially friendly.

Moving Forward

The AGER findings are unique and important. “The Report pinpoints the U.S. as sustaining a highly hospitable environment for entrepreneurs,” says Audretsch. But there are still opportunities for improvement. In particular, the need to address the daunting gender cap concerning entrepreneurship.

Doug DeVos, President of Amway, and Steve Van Andel, Chairman, says, “We’ll continue to do what we can to help entrepreneurs have the best possible chance at owning and succeeding in business. We believe entrepreneurs bring a lot of value to the people around them and our hope is this study helps advance that understanding.”


Read the Report >

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