Anti-Frizz Serum: Oily Hair? No! Oil FOR Your Hair!

A woman holds a bottle of Satinique Hair Oil Serum from Amway up close to the camera.

People say your hair is your crowning glory, but on a bad hair day, it’s anything but. Dry, frizzy, flyaway–  as if you left the house without styling it at all.

Your hair’s new best friend – a hair oil serum!

A hair oil serum is a new multi-tasking miracle for your mane! Here’s why a quality anti-frizz serum is your hair’s best friend:

  • It works on all types of hair – even your dry, unruly locks
  • It leaves hair feeling soft, sleek, shiny and nourished – like a moisturizer for your head 😉
  • It’s a great booster for healthy looking hair, especially in the summer.
  • It strengthens hair and controls frizz.

How do I use an anti-frizz serum?

Anti-frizz serums are super easy to use. Use just a few drops and work it through your hair. Use it before styling to work out the tangles, or after styling to hold a healthy, gorgeous look all day.

Which serums are best?

The best are those that control fly-aways, lock in moisture and help condition the scalp, giving your hair that shiny and healthy look.

We found one hair oil serum that does all three: Satinique™ Hair Oil Serum for silky, manageable hair. It’s part of the fantastic Satinique™ Smooth Moisture family of hair care products.

“People notice your hair the minute they see you,” says Artistry Global Makeup Artist, Rick DiCecca. “A hair oil serum gives us a quick, easy way to keep every hair in place, and make sure that hair is beautiful, shiny, healthy and frizz-free.”

Purchase Satinique Hair Oil Serum today!


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