Making connections: Bonita Lin’s Amway story

Amway Independent Business Owner Bonita Lin sits on a city bench, smiling at the camera

Bonita Lin was a successful magazine publisher in the Taiwanese tech industry when her fiancé was transferred to the United States for his job, putting her at a crossroads.

“I didn’t want to leave my magazine and move across the world to become a housewife,” Bonita said. “I needed to find a new path for myself.”

She started thinking about the Amway products she had been using for more than a year, ever since meeting an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) who invited her to a nutrition class. At the time, she was feeling the effects of her demanding career.

Learning about Amway

She had become intrigued by Nutrilite™ products and the people she was meeting. She started going to the Artistry™ skincare classes, too. She learned how to properly care for her skin and started to wear makeup – neither of which she had ever done before.

“I was transforming as a person, inside and out,” Bonita said. “I became more humble and open. I went from being a serious businesswoman in a man’s industry, never smiling or chatting, to someone who listens and is friendly. Essentially, I learned to be a better person.”

Seizing the opportunity

Up until her fiancé was transferred, Bonita had never considered the Amway opportunity even though she loved the products. But standing at her crossroads, she began to think.

She started to learn about the Amway opportunity and did her own research on the company. “I put on my reporter hat,” she said. “I soon realized just how great the business really was.”

Finding her mentor

From her own business experience, she knew that in order to launch an Amway™ business in the U.S., she needed help. She developed a strategy. Number one on the list was making the right connections. She set her sights on Holly Chen, a top leader in the Amway business.

“While in Taiwan, I’d heard about Holly Chen’s success in the Amway business and knew she was looking for leaders in the United States,” Bonita said. “I was looking for a role model.”

She began networking, interacting with other Amway Business Owners, and soon was invited to an Amway Taiwan event where Holly was speaking.

“I was asked to share my experience in the business and that led to my meeting Holly,” she said. They later met again in San Diego and Holly became Bonita’s mentor. “The more I worked alongside other successful IBOs, the more I became independent – mentally and financially.”

Equipping others

She also became equipped to pass that on to others in the Amway business. She started mentoring other women who, like her, were seeking something more.

“I went from being an introvert to a leader, from being focused on myself to taking care of others,” she said. “I think of my group as a family tree. Like parents do for their children, I hope my team is more successful than I am.

“That is success for me.”

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