#InspiredCoaching: Learning to lead in military and business

Amway Independent Business Owners Sharron and David Coley.

Maneuvering family life when one person is in the military is challenging enough. Imagine having both spouses serving their country and raising a family at the same time.

It’s a juggling act that David and Sharron Coley know well. But through their years of deployments, uncertainty and moves, they never had to worry about their Amway business.

When they were called to serve after 9-11, they knew they could put their business on pause, and that income-generating opportunities would be waiting for them when they returned.

“We were deployed, we had little kids, we were fighting a war, and our Amway business didn’t go anywhere,” Sharron said.

Transferable skills

And while their business may have been on hold, the skills they were learning in the military only enhanced their performance when they returned. Teamwork, adaptability, dedication, discipline, leadership—it’s part of being successful in the military and in business.

David, especially, noticed the importance of strong leadership skills.

“In [both the Air Force and in business], you need to learn how to lead people, and not just from the standpoint of, ‘I’m in charge and therefore you have to listen to me.’ You have to lead with character and integrity,” he said.

“When you look at Amway, that’s the biggest thing I’ve wanted to do—lead people from respect and honor and integrity, and not from rank.”

Amway Independent Business Owners Sharron and David Coley.

Mentorship should be holistic

Sharron and David shared their story with USAToday.com as part of a partnership between Amway, USA TODAY and the American Football Coaches Association. The partnership represents Amway’s continued commitment to #inspiredcoaching, highlighting the parallels between winning teams in sports and business.

For the Coleys, leading people from respect means mentoring along the way, something they have received and done for others. When they do mentor, they don’t limit themselves to business issues.

“It should be professional life and personal life; it’s not just in one arena,” Sharron said. “And that’s what we’ve found. As a husband and wife, as parents, as citizens of this great country, all around.”

“Watching people grow is the most fulfilling part,” David said.

Amway Independent Business Owners Sharron and David Coley and their family.

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To read the Coley’s full story, including how their grown children want to follow in their footsteps in the Amway business, visit USAToday.com. And to learn more about how to become an Amway Independent Business Owner, visit the website for Amway US or Amway Canada.

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