Amway Hero Award: Lynn Burnett, Patriot

Lynn Burnett served in the U.S. Army Rangers for 13 years. He rose quickly through the ranks, where he served in the 2nd and 3rd Ranger battalions.

Over those 13 years, Burnett was a machine gunner, platoon leader, combat patrol leader, Ranger instructor, and the first black Ranger officer in the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.


For his courageous and tireless service to America, Lynn Burnett is recipient of Amway’s 2013 Hero Award for Patriotism.Burnett

Yet despite all those things – putting himself in harm’s way time and time again, leading troops into combat–Burnett says he may be a patriot, but insists he’s not a hero.

“A hero is someone who dedicates their life to helping lift people up and allowing them to become greater than they could become on their own,” says Burnett. “Someone with selfless sacrifice, who changes the lives of other people. It’s difficult to feel like I deserve this award.”

After life in the Rangers, Burnett entered corporate America, working as a financial manager in Seattle, making a 90-minute drive each morning and night, and working long hours. He had seen the Amway IBO Compensation plan before, and turned it down every time. But this time, he decided to take the chance – and ran with it.

Burnett thrived in the business, and is currently an Emerald. He is in qualification for Founders Emerald, and expects to qualify for his Diamond pin within a year. He now lives in Seattle with his wife, Jo, and his two daughters, Grace and Hannah.

Burnett says being an IBO and being his own boss affords him and his family time to volunteer at their local USO, where they support soldiers and their families through efforts like pre-deployment meals and organizing care packages for the troops.

To Burnett, a true patriot, there’s nothing more patriotic than Amway.

“Amway: The name says it all,” he says. “When Rich and Jay started The American Way Company, they wanted to give others an opportunity to participate in the American dream.”

But personal freedom is only part of the equation, says Burnett.

“You can have personal freedom, like we do in America, yet not have the economic freedom to take advantage of it. You need to have personal freedom and economic freedom. That’s what Amway is all about.”

“I’ll be in Amway for the rest of my life,” Lynn says. “This is all my wife and I want to do. To help people understand and engage, help them start the business and build it. It’s close to my heart.”

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  • Suzy says:

    Hello Lynn And Jo!
    We saw you at a World Wide event. You were guest speakers. You spoke to Don and I specifically after I had given you a homemade card of APPRECIATION for you hard work and leadership. That was probably over 15 years ago. Since then, I have had 2 bouts of cancer, 2 back surgeries and some other serious procedures. Though we haven’t had control of our lives, we have had control of our prayer life. You both have been in the center of it and everything we have been through, we have offered up as prayer for your journey. We hope you’re both well as well as your children. We continue to pray for your business. Please know we will see you at the finish line at some point but you both remain our heroes. Lynn…. You’re amazing!! JO… thank you for being such an inspiration.
    Sincerely- Suzy & Don Sitkawitz

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