Amway Hero Award: Bill and Peggy Britt

Bill Britt was a leader from a very young age, recalls his wife, Peggy. He was one of eight children, and he made it his responsibility to pitch in and help the family get by. He managed two paper routes as a kid to provide extra money for the family.

As a young man, Bill would enlist in the Army, serve in Korea and was chosen to go to cavalry school. Later after he married Peggy, he became the Assistant City Manager of Raleigh, and then City Manager of both Sanford and Goldsboro North Carolina.

“He always had to work hard for anything he got,” says Peggy. “It was out of necessity that he drew from his inner being to rise to the occasion.”Britt

To find a shining example of achievement and leadership in the Amway business, look no further than Bill and Peggy Britt. The Britts are Founders Crown Ambassador, the highest achievement attainable in Amway. They built their business for 43 years, helping countless other IBOs succeed and become leaders themselves along the way. For their lifetime of guidance and mentoring others, Bill and Peggy Britt have received the 2013 Amway Hero Award for Leadership.

Sadly, Bill passed last January at the age of 81. Peggy says he lived by three sayings, which she now has posted in a shadow box in her home. “May the work I have done speak for me,” is the first one, says Peggy. The second was “Honor and courage,” and finally “The Lord is my shepherd.”

Alongside Bill was Peggy. Where Bill was outgoing and engaging, Peggy was calm and gentle, supporting him from the wings. Everyone knew that Peggy was Bill’s “quiet strength,” a hand of support that made sure every detail was just right.

“Bill was always in the spotlight,” says Peggy, “and that was fine with me. He was always a leader, a born leader.”

The pair continued to build their business together, eventually making it their full-time jobs, and establishing BWW — one of the largest global IBO networks in Amway, with a presence on five continents.

Peggy believes that if Bill were alive today, he would share her feeling that this award reflects not just their own success, but that of so many IBO leaders around the world who they have guided and mentored along the way.

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