#WorkingMom tips: Be ready for overnight guests

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The holidays can be the best time of the year to host family and friends to reminisce about old times while creating new memories.

And sometimes you’re having so much fun reliving the past you forget about the present. Without even realizing it, the evening is gone, it’s late night or early morning, and it just makes sense to ask your guests to spend the night.

Does that thought scare you as you envision your guest bedroom and wonder about clean sheets? Making a few preparations before the holiday season starts will ensure you’re always ready for unexpected overnight visitors. And your guests will feel like they’re at a bed and breakfast!

Practical considerations

Make sure the room you give your guests has a convenient place for them to put their belongings and check to see if there are empty hangars in the closet for them to use.

Another practical touch: Put some tissues and hand sanitizer on the nightstand or side table so they don’t have to ask.

And, while you can travel to the bathroom or kitchen with your eyes closed to get a glass of water, you’re guests are not as experienced. Consider placing some plug-in night lights along the path to keep them from stubbing their toes on the furniture.

Digital considerations

Since most people travel with their electronic devices, leave a card with your Wi-Fi password on the nightstand, too.

But unexpected overnight guests might not have their chargers with them. Having extras around is a good idea for any time of the year. And make sure they have a place to plug them in. Add a power strip or extension cord if the outlets in the room are maxed out or inaccessible.

A woman washes her guest towels with Amway Home SA8 Liquid Laundry Detergent – Floral in preparation for unexpected overnight guests.

Linen closet

Take an inventory of your sheets, blankets and pillows to ensure you have enough on hand for guests – planned or unplanned.

Flat sheets are versatile and will work whether you’re making up a bed on an air mattress or the couch.

Set aside a few sets of guest towels that won’t fall into daily use so they will be ready when needed.

And if your guest sheets and towels haven’t been used in a while, consider giving them a quick wash with scented laundry detergent to freshen them up just before the holidays.

Extra touch

Want to make your visitors feel extra special? Have overnight guest kits on hand. Gather essentials, like a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, bath care products, lotions, fuzzy socks or slippers and a book or magazines.

Put them in a gift bag or on a tray and present them to your guest when they turn in. With that kind of attention, they’ll feel like a VIP at a fancy hotel.

And chances are they’ll want to return the favor at the next holiday when it’s their turn to host!

Here are some product suggestions to help you prepare for those unexpected overnight visitors:

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