Amway 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

Today we released findings detailing significant progress in our global efforts to fight malnutrition, support children and advance environmental stewardship.  The impressive results are contained in the Amway 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, published today, along with future goals for a variety of efforts.

Our Belief In Social Investment

Our investments to improve society also extend beyond our business opportunity for individuals.

At Amway, we believe by using the best of our business and the passion of our people, we can help solve global challenges and improve communities all over the world.

  • We use our expertise in nutrition to help improve the nutritional health of children around the world.
  • We support and recognize the commitment of individuals, one by one supporting their communities through volunteering.

Amway’s Societal Value

Amway exists so that people can unleash their potential. That purpose is designed into every aspect of the company; from offering best-in-class products, to helping people build and maintain healthier homes, bodies and communities.

We’re not just selling vitamins or getting people to start an Amway™ business. We have strong values that reflect who we are, and transcend what we sell.

– John Parker, Amway Chief Sales Officer

At the heart of Amway is an entrepreneurial spirit that we’re eager to share with others, because we’ve seen what it can unlock in men and women who want to change and grow. Read more about entrepreneurship in the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2014

  • Achieved five-year environmental stewardship goals set in 2009, including a 10% reduction in water usage, 15% alternative energy usage reduction, 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a 95% waste recycling rate.
  • Continued support of the U.S. Dream Academy Program, an innovative after-school program that mentors at-risk youth and gives them the confidence, hope, and the power to dream.
  • For over 27 years Amway and its Independent Business Owners have supported Easter Seals, raising more than $30 million to provide services for children and adults with disabilities.

Together, We Are Helping People Live Better Lives

Today, Amway and our business owners are making a difference around the world. Together, we have helped millions of people realize their potential; become healthier, and live better lives.

–  Steve Van Andel, Amway Chairman and Doug DeVos, Amway President (joint statement)

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