Amway ABOs Theo and Maribel Galan smile for the camera. Theo holds up three fingers. That's how many times he tried Amway before he committed to it.

Three. That’s how many times Theo Galan tried the Amway business before he was in the right position with the right attitude to make it work.

The first was in his 20s while he was still living in the Dominican Republic.

“I was 20 years old, playing baseball and in college,” he said. “I joined, but was too young to balance working on the business with playing sports and schoolwork.”

The Amway opportunity was presented to him a second time when he lived in New York City with his wife, Maribel. They were both working several jobs to meet their expenses and trying to get ahead. The Amway™ business seemed like the perfect fit.

“It was a low-cost opportunity to make a little extra money,” Theo said. “We signed up together. But, while we were good at selling products, we were slow at building the business.”

The third time was in 1993. By then, they had two children and were running two car dealerships. While they were their own bosses, they weren’t enjoying it.

“We were working too many hours, had issues with employees and no family time,” Theo said. “It was very stressful. We were making good money, but the emotional price was too high.”

Setting the right priorities

So they took a step back and thought about what mattered to them most – freedom and family.

“We never lost sight of the fact that the things we wanted were also foundations of the Amway business – freedom, family, hope and reward,” Theo said. “We knew it was time to try again, and this time do what it took to be successful.”

Theo committed to giving his all to the Amway business for one year, taking advantage of the slow time at the car dealerships in the winter. They took a few hours each day to study, learn and share the business with others. Soon they started gaining new business owners every day.

“Sometimes you’re so busy holding on to what you have that you have no hands to get what you want,” Theo said. “Once we focused on what we really wanted, we saw results.”

Discipline, empathy are key

He uses that same focus and discipline while mentoring his team. He shares how he learned from his mistakes, readjusted his priorities and made time for success. “I tell people that Amway fits into any lifestyle,” he said. “Instead of watching TV or playing on the internet, work on your business. Everyone can find time for an opportunity with so much potential.”

He also uses a healthy dose of empathy.

“Relationships are everything – in business and in life,” he said. “It’s not what you say, but how you treat people. I make a great effort to show my groups how to use their talents. If you tell me, ‘I’m shy,’ I say, ‘That’s good because I’m not. I’m outgoing but not organized like you. We can learn from one another.”

Helping people achieve success is what he loves most. He said he has seen how success in Amway has improved people’s lives in the United States and around the world. “Like me, these people used to be unhappy in other jobs. Now they do something they love and live life on their terms.

“Sure, we work hard, yet it doesn’t feel like it because it’s work with a purpose. … It’s the ultimate goal.”

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  • Ron says:

    I am trying to find downline of Steve Jones in Albany Oregon. I was in his group 10 years ago and can’t find a way to find anyone,

  • Magaly says:

    I thank God for the best opportunity my mentors Theo and Maribel brought to my life. No hay ma ‘na!

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