Maribel Galan and her husband, Theo, moved to the states from the Dominican Republic in the early 1990s with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to work hard.

They both worked full time in manufacturing in addition to taking on side jobs of selling jewelry, clothes and perfume. Later they owned two used car dealerships. But their chosen business ventures required more time and energy than they wanted to give with their growing family.

“We went into business for ourselves to have more freedom for family time, not to complicate our lives,” Maribel said. “But it wasn’t working out that way. I knew we had to make a change.”

Looking for options

As they considered their options, Maribel said she kept thinking about the Amway opportunity. “We’d dabbled in the business before and fell in love with Amway products,” she said. “We found we were great at selling but slow at building the business.”

But they decided to try again, this time setting weekly business goals to earn extra income during the slow winter months.

“The used car business is seasonal in New York,” she said. “We knew we’d have more time in the winter, so we decided to give Amway another shot—and this time stay with it for one year to see what we really could do.”

Success takes hard work

Maribel committed to working her Amway business a little each day.

“Too many people want instant gratification and don’t give themselves time to learn from their mistakes,” she said. “I’m very driven and have a strong work ethic.”

“I’m always chasing new goals with a great joy for life. I stay forward focused.”

That was more than 20 years ago, and Maribel has never looked back. She is an Amway leader inspiring many others, who, like her, started their own Amway business to work toward financial stability and balance.

“Even now I talk about the Amway business the same way I did back then,” she said. “It’s a low-risk opportunity to own your own business, make a little extra money, spend more time with family and enjoy a better life.”

Goal-setting is key

Maribel inspires her groups by sharing her aspirations for her own business and encouraging others to set their own goals.

“Amway gives us a goal to run toward,” she said. “Even after 24 years in the business, the rewards of those achievements are huge.

“I still get excited about this opportunity every day. I love being my own boss.”

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The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs was USD $207 (in the U.S.)/CAD $186 (in Canada). Approximately 48% of IBOs in the U.S., and 52% of IBOs in Canada, were “active.”

IBOs were considered “active” in months in 2016 when they attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended an Amway or IBO meeting.  If someone sustained that level of activity every month for a whole year, their annualized Gross Income would be $2,484 (U.S.)/$2,232 (Canada).  Of course, not every IBO chooses to be active every month.  “Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus monthly bonuses and cash incentives. It excludes all annual bonuses and cash incentives, and all non-cash awards, which may be significant. There may also be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation. For the purposes of the calculation in Canada, individuals who were IBOs for less than the entire year in 2016 were excluded.

Before registering as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) powered by Amway, you should read and understand the AMWAY™ Business Overview Brochure, which contains important information for those interested in becoming IBOs.

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  • Shaleza says:

    Thank You. As being an independent owner I was feeling overwhelmed but upon reading the success story I realized you were in the same position n push through it. Thank you for you advise n am going put it into action.

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