Flag Day: Flying the Stars and Stripes at Amway World Headquarters

A close-up shot of an American flag waving in the wind in front of Amway World Headquarters

Happy Flag Day! June 14 is the anniversary of the official adoption of the American Flag – a day when Americans are encouraged to fly the Stars and Stripes.

That’s no small task at Amway World Headquarters. If you’ve ever visited the complex in Ada, Michigan, you will have seen the display of 56 colorful international flags that line street in front of the main building.

Flags on display

Most days the flags flown represent some of the more than 100 countries or territories where Amway does business. But on Flag Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day, all the international flags come down and American flags take their place.

“Whether all the international flags or all the United States flags are up, it’s a beautiful site to come out here and see them flowing,” said Mike Lawrence, facilities maintenance supervisor at Amway World Headquarters.

Flag protocol

His team is charged with flag protocol, ensuring the appropriate flags are displayed on the correct days. Last year Amway WHQ News caught up with Mike’s team as they switched out the flags for Flag Day.

Watch the video and see the care and detail that goes into displaying America’s colors, along with those of the many countries where the Amway business is available.

And don’t forget to fly your flag today!

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