Jorge Munoz and Magaly Fernandez look at an Artistry product by Amway.

At this time of year, love is definitely in the air. While the fashion magazines and lifestyle websites help you dissect your romantic relationships, let’s talk about your passion for your profession.

Are you madly in love with what you do? Are you lucky enough to be excited about your work each day? Do you believe in what you’re doing? Was it love at first sight or did it grow on you over time?

For entrepreneurs, it’s often passion that pushes them to jump into business ownership – whether it’s the products or services that fuel the business, passion for flexibility or being your own boss.

Products to be passionate about

When it comes to Amway, it’s hard to deny the love and passion customers have for the company’s more than 450 nutrition, beauty and home products—each of which comes with a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee†.

Amway enlists the work of nearly 1,000 scientists, engineers and technicians from across the world who are leaders in research on nutrition, skincare, water and air purification and environmentally-conscious cleaning products.

For many, the products are what introduced them to the Amway opportunity, whether it was a Nutrilite™ supplement, Legacy of Clean™ laundry product, XS™ Energy Drink, an air or water treatment system or the latest skincare from Artistry™.

“I used to have very sensitive skin,” said Magaly Fernandez, an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) since 2008. She tried one basic product from the Artistry™ beauty and skincare line, “and I fell in love with Artistry™ products, then I fell in love with everything else.”

Helping others live better lives

Magaly’s husband, Jorge Munoz, said it’s amazing to see a company put so much effort into the quality of its products. That commitment is key to making their Amway business a success and helping others do the same, which is really what drives their passion and makes them excited to work the business.

“My wife and I went from working different jobs, frustrated and unhappy, to working toward common goals,” Jorge said. “It’s incredible to realize that we’re not just selling products but enhancing our lives and the lives of others through this business.

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† Exclusions may apply. Visit for details.

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