Dipen Bhakta’s Amway Story

As Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Houston, Amway Independent Business Owner Dipen Bhakta’s passion for helping others was called into action. The massive storm surge shut down the U.S. Dream Academy’s Houston center, where Dipen serves as director, mentoring at-risk youth. While the operations remained closed, he stepped up to the plate and offered a helping hand to hurricane victims by organizing massive amounts of food and clothing donations from around the country.

“I learned a lot about unity that week,” Dipen said, reflecting on his time working at an American Red Cross relief site.

Working alongside thousands of volunteers amidst the chaos, devastation and heartbreaking loss, he drew strength from his experience at Amway and the Dream Academy as a mentor and coach. For those affected, he knew the emotional impact would be long lasting and the recovery could take years.

“I’ve always focused on building and maintaining relationships in my personal and professional life. It takes a consistent effort of showing up, earning trust and following through,” Dipen explained. “It’s even more important in circumstances like this, where the need is so great and long term.”

When the Dream Academy re-opened, Dipen continued to call the victims he had once helped, to check on their wellbeing and offer support. “I’ve always had a desire to volunteer and help people. Working with the Dream Academy has shown me the true essence of mentorship and how it can change lives, especially with a game plan in place,” Dipen said.

Thank you, Dipen, for your selfless acts of service and commitment to community. You’re a shining example of what a volunteer, coach and mentor are meant to be.


The devastation of the storms in Houston, Florida and the Caribbean, has since spurred contributions from IBOs across the country. But many survivors still need help. Join Dipen in providing them with hurricane relief.

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