Amway Year in Review: Announcing 2015 Sales

2015 was an incredible year of accomplishments. Today we announced sales of $9.5 billion for the year ending Dec. 31, 2015!

Achieving New Levels of Success

We saw 15,570 new Platinums and above pinned in 2015! These included:

  • 7,855 New Platinums
  • 865 New Emeralds
  • 314 New Diamonds

Did You Know?

23,139 Amway businesses qualified for reward trips such as NPC, Diamond Club, and Achievers!

Markets Up, Markets Down

Amway saw constant dollar sales growth in 70 percent of its top 20 markets but, like many international companies, experienced soft sales in China and unfavorable currency exchange rates that negated gains.

“Several markets achieved record sales levels in 2015 with others producing their best performance in some time. An increasingly competitive environment in China and unfavorable currency exchange rates mask a positive year overall for Amway globally,” said Van Andel.

Investing in People and Products

Amway continued its investment path in 2015, focusing on manufacturing and R&D, investing $335 million into manufacturing and R&D expansion.

Additionally, Amway launched new digital tools to help Amway Business Owners manage their own businesses, showcase products, and gain new skills and knowledge. More than three million online learning sessions were held in 2015.

Looking to the Future            

The Amway business is strong – exemplified by growth in 70% of our top 20 markets. We see great opportunity in 2016 and beyond as attitudes toward entrepreneurship remain at all-time highs.


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