Amway Executive Diamond Club 2015 Recap

Time flies when you’re having fun, and so did our Executive Diamonds!

Executive Diamonds in the sky (literally)

The third and final day of Amway Executive Diamond Club took our EDCs to new heights with helicopter rides from Maui to Oahu, where there were options of shopping or visiting Pearl Harbor.

Amway Executive Diamond Club 2015 members being flown in a Helicopter in Maui, Hawaii

The views from the flight were breathtaking, and the memories will last a lifetime.

Diamonds, dinner and dancing

The night ended with the welcome celebration that officially kicked off Diamond Club 2015. Great food, music and dancing were enjoyed by all of our top leaders as the sun set off the coast of Maui. Though this marks the end of Executive Diamond Club, it is only a prequel of the great times that await through the end of this week!

Dancers performing at the Executive Diamond Club 2015 and Diamond Club 2015 group dinner

Shout-out to the Amway event staff

Let’s not forget that these incredible experiences wouldn’t be possible without the long days put in by our Amway event staff. If you see someone in an Amway Event Staff shirt, give them a hug (and hope they don’t fall asleep on you).

Amway Executive Diamond Club 2015 and Diamond Club 2015 Event Staff

Amway Executive Diamond Club 2015 and Diamond Club 2015 Event Staff

 It’s not over yet; don’t miss the experience

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