Amway Coaches’ Poll partnership continues for Amway, USA Today, AFCA

Taken in Tuscaloosa, AL, USA, on Jan 20, 2018, Gary Darnell with the American Football Coaches Association, head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide, and Heath Tilley of Amway hoist the Coaches' Trophy as Alabama celebrates as the NCAA college football National Champions at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The Amway Coaches’ Poll continues for another exciting college football season, and that includes the partnership between Amway, USA Today and the American Football Coaches Association.

The anticipation starts building a few weeks before the first game with the release of the preseason Amway Coaches’ Poll.  The partnership also features the Amway Fan Poll and a country-wide tour of the AFCA National Championship Coaches’ Trophy presented by Amway.

Inspired coaching

The continued partnership means more opportunity for Amway to highlight wisdom and insight from the sport’s great coaches and see how their strategies for building winning teams can translate to everyday life.

“We love this partnership,” said Jim Ayres, managing director of Amway North America. “Our business is built on Independent Business Owners building winning teams, helping individuals achieve through coaching and inspiring them to succeed.

“Getting access to winning strategies from college football’s coaches is some of the best training we can offer.”

Amway in USA Today

The partnership also spreads the Amway name far and wide through print advertising in USA Today and digital advertising at It includes sponsored stories, videos and infographics featuring college coaches and Amway IBOs talking about their successes and failures, the long road to leadership, the best piece of advice they’ve ever received and how childhood coaches prepared them for adulthood.

“Our Amway Coaches’ Poll partnership, and the connection it makes between the coaches, Amway IBOs and our fans, is something that has matured over the years—with the coaching connection becoming a more powerful thread for inspiration and story-telling,” said Jason Ford, vice president of Sports Marketing for USA Today Sports.

“We love how lessons from the football field are helping others achieve their objectives, whether they’re striving to make a small change or trying to crush a big goal.”

So, follow Amway US on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, watch for the Amway Coaches’ Poll to see where your favorite team lands, and watch this space for more inspired coaching content from elite college coaches.

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