Aging and optimal health: Announcing a new study

Exciting news in Nutrilite’s efforts to promote optimal health: Thanks, in part, to a $10 million unrestricted gift from the Amway Nutrilite Health Institute Wellness Fund, Stanford University will undertake a first-of-its-kind research study that will analyze how changes in diet and lifestyle can affect long-term wellness and contribute to healthy aging.

First-of-its-kind research study: WELL

Called WELL, the study aims to identify lifestyle and environmental factors that may help people maintain their health and wellness as they age. This independent study will be designed, conducted, and analyzed by scientists at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and will be entirely under the control of Stanford University with no involvement by Amway.

Research is expected to begin in 2015 and will continue for at least five years.

What it will evaluate

Initially, WELL will evaluate factors such as diet and lifestyle that may influence metabolic health and visual signs of aging or cognitive functions, among other wellness components. It will also help discover predictors of health, known as health biomarkers.

WELL has the potential to help us better understand how diet – including, but not limited to, plant foods such as fruits and vegetables – can influence wellness and healthy aging,” said Keith Randolph, Ph.D., nutrition technology strategist at the Nutrilite Health Institute.

Advancing global nutrition knowledge

The Amway Nutrilite Health Institute Wellness Fund was established to support research and projects like this that are aimed at advancing global knowledge of nutrition, its role in healthy lifestyles and the science of wellness.

The unrestricted gift to Stanford continues the Nutrilite tradition of being a leader in nutrition and phytonutrient research and supports Amway‘s vision of helping people live better lives.

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