50 Years of Celebration

Amway Diamond Club is all about celebrating the success of our top IBO leaders.

Recognizing our Diamond leaders

Every year, we come together to recognize the accomplishments of our Diamond leaders with relaxing getaways, exclusive experiences and memorable celebrations. Since 1965, it’s been the best way we can show our appreciation for the work our Diamonds have done in the previous year.


This year is no different

Our Diamonds have enjoyed all that Maui has to offer: From surf lessons and snorkeling, to private dinners and beach cabanas. This week has been one great, big celebration.


Celebrate with the ones you love

As always, our Diamonds are enjoying the celebration with their family. As a family-owned business, Amway recognizes the importance of sharing these experience with loved ones. Each activity our leaders choose from is a family-friendly opportunity, and the kids have loved it.


Don’t miss out on the experience

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Also see what our Diamonds are sharing with hashtag #WeAreDiamonds


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