Test your knowledge of Amway’s 60-year history

Two large digital screens on stage show A60, Amway's logo to mark its 60th anniversary.

We are at the end of our blog series taking you down the Amway memory lane to mark the company’s 60th anniversary.

Each blog in the series featured an opportunity to win some of your favorite Amway products in the Amway through the Decades Giveaway* by leaving a hashtag comment. (There’s still time to enter! See all previous blogs here.)

Our final blog offers you one more chance to win. We are checking to see how much you learned in the series with a fun crossword puzzle. All the answers can be found in the previous blogs in the series.

Tackle the puzzle

When you finish the puzzle, take a screen shot or photo and email it to [email protected] by 11:59 p.m. July 1 to be entered to win a bundle of Amway products from the brands you love, including Satinique, Glister, Artistry, L.O.C. and Nutrilite.

Good luck!

Or click here to download a PDF of the puzzle.

Need some help? Let’s review!

The partnership that launched more than one million businesses: Learn about the powerful partnership between Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos that began when the two were in high school, providing the foundation for their entrepreneurial endeavors that led to the launch of Amway in 1959.

Amway in the 1960s: A decade of explosive growth: The first decade of the Amway business saw major milestones with the first international expansion, major new product launches and overcoming challenges.

Amway in the 1970s: Nutrilite joins the Amway family: After finding initial success with home and beauty products, see how Rich and Jay got connected with Nutrilite, which now makes up a significant part of the Amway business.

Amway in the 1970s: Growing at home and abroad: Follow the company as it expands beyond North America, grows its World Headquarters campus and establishes itself as a leader in the direct selling industry.

Amway in the 1980s: Growing the company, supporting the community: The 1980s were a boom time for Amway with more than 1 million distributors, $1 billion in sales and millions invested in the company and the community.

Amway in the 1990s: Acquiring certified organic farms: Learn how the sustainable farming practices pioneered by Nutrilite more than 80 years ago remain a priority for the brand today through its three certified organic farms.

Amway in the 1990s: The Magic begins:  The 1990s saw the start of a partnership between Amway and professional sports that still supports Amway Independent Business Owners today.

Amway in the 2000s: The growth of XS and home technology: The new millennium saw Amway’s home tech division top $1 million in sales and the addition of the XS™ Energy drinks to the Amway family.

Amway celebrates 60 years: What’s your hashtag? Find out which hashtags were chosen to describe Amway as it marks its 60th anniversary by longtime employees and company leaders, including Steve Van Andel, Doug DeVos and CEO Milind Pant.

*The Amway through the Decades Giveaway is sponsored by Amway Corp. and runs from April 18 – July 1, 2019. No purchase necessary. See official rules here.

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